Switcheo Exchange

Switcheo Exchange lets you trade any NEP-5 token with NEO and GAS immediately.

Decentralized Exchange

Switcheo manages the entire trading experience on-chain, giving you the experience of a centralized exchange with the security of a decentralized exchange.

Security of Funds

You are in full control of your funds when trading on Switcheo. Switcheo’s smart contract only does trade settlements. No more loss of funds from exchange hacks.

Trade all NEP-5 Tokens

With Switcheo’s Dynamic Call function, new NEP-5 tokens become available to trade as soon as ICO ends. This lets you trade your tokens on demand.

Switcheo Token

As a true Decentralized Exchange, Switcheo will launch with a native NEP-5 token as well.


Release Date

16 Mar 2018, 1PM (SGT)

SGT = Singapore Time (UTC+8)

Public Circulating Supply

750,000,000 SWH (75%)

Public Sale Supply

200,000,000 SWH (20%)

1 NEO = 4250 SWH   |  1 GAS = 1187.5 SWH

(Price is pegged to USD price of NEO=$68 | GAS=$19)

Public Sale Hard Cap

$3,200,000 USD


25% - Switcheo Team

7% - Partnerships & Marketing

48% - Private Sale

20% - Public Sale

Native Token

Switcheo Tokens will be used as the base token for cross-chain swaps. All operations on the Switcheo Network will accept the native token.

Token Transactions

SWH tokens will be an additional base trading pair on the Switcheo Exchange besides NEO and GAS, to provide high liquidity to the token.

Exchange Fees

Switcheo Tokens can be used as payment for a 50% discount on fees on Switcheo Exchange. Tokens used this way are burnt when collected.

Switcheo Roadmap

Switcheo MVP Demo - Dec 2017

Switcheo Wins CoZ dApp competition #1

Jan 2018 - Switcheo Exchange Test

TestNet Launch of Switcheo Exchange

Switcheo Exchange Launch - Mar 2018

MainNet Launch of Switcheo Exchange

Mar 16 2018 - Public Crowd Sale

Main public release of SWH tokens

Mar 19 2018 - Switcheo Token Unlock

SWH tokens become transferrable

Switcheo QRC20 DEX - Q2 2018

Launch of QRC20 tokens trading

Q3 2018 - Switcheo ERC20 DEX

Launch of ERC20 tokens trading

Cross-Chain Capabilities - Q4 2018

Launch of cross-chain trading

Switcheo Team

Ivan Poon B.E (CS)

Blockchain Developer

Henry Chua B.E (CS)

Frontend Developer

Sng Ping Chiang B.E (CS)

Backend Developer

Jack Yeu

Business Development

Steven Pang


Vice President, Global Client Solutions APAC

Yingyu Wang


Director, Advocate & Solicitor, Taylor Vinters Via

Roger Lim


Founding Partner at NEO Global Capital (NGC)

Switcheo Partnerships

NEO Global Capital

Strategic Partner

Switcheo FAQ

What is Switcheo?

Switcheo is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on the NEO platform. It allows for the trustless exchange of NEP-5 tokens and may expand to other cross-chain tokens in the future.

What are the advantages of a Decentralized Exchange?

There are many benefits of trading on a decentralized exchange. A few examples are

  1. A decentralized exchange does not hold trader's funds, so you maintain full control over your funds while trading. Tokens traded appears in your wallet as soon as the trade is complete (and funds withdrawn from the trading smart contract).

  2. Trading on a decentralized exchange ensures anonymity, as your information is not stored by the exchange.

What is NEO?

Neo is a Smart Economy platform that uses blockchain technology to digitalize assets. Read more about NEO here: http://neo.org/

What is a NEP-5 Token?

NEP-5 Tokens are tokens minted on the NEO Blockchain.

What happens to unsold SWH Tokens?

Unsold SWH Tokens will be burnt.

What are the trading fees?

0.0% - 0.5% on both sides depending on market conditions.

What is the difference between Switcheo and NEX?

At this moment, NEX is focused on the NEO ecosystem and improving it as a whole, while Switcheo Network has a stronger focus on user experience and aims to be cross-chain compatible as quickly as possible; Work on the Qtum blockchain has already begun.

Switcheo also believes that there is space for more than one DEX per blockchain in the ecosystem. The winner in the DEX race will likely be the one with best usability and marketability, rather than pure technical superiority.

It is also possible that the DEX with lower liquidity will eventually combine order books, which should be possible due to the decentralized nature of the exchanges.

We cannot comment about other technical or usability differences as there is no product demo yet for NEX.

Where will the SWH Token be available?

The SWH token will be listed on the Switcheo Exchange after 16th March 2018.

When will SWH be tradable?

SWH tokens will be tradable no less than 3 days after the Public Sale of tokens.

How many SWH Tokens will be distributed in total?


When will the whitelist be made available?

12th Feb 2018.

How much is a SWH Token?

SWH tokens are USD pegged at 1 SWH = $0.016 USD

What is the utility of the SWH Token?

You may use SWH tokens for a discount on trading fees based on current USD value of the SWH Token over the past 23 hours on our Exchange Platform. SWH will also be used as a base on all trading pairs and is the primary means for cross-chain transfers.

When is the public crowdsale (ICO) date?

SWH Tokens will be on sale at Switcheo Exchange on 16th March 2018.